Elliot entered Bruce's Office in an attempt to steal his funding, but couldn't due to the retinal scanner that denied him access, a security measure that he did not anticipate. Thomas and Bruce Wayne were childhood friends, and, unknown to Bruce, sinister reflections of each other. A childhood sociopath, Elliot tried to kill his parents so he could inherit their fortune. His plan failed partly due to the surgical skills of Thomas Wayne, and his mother survived, which led to Elliot to blame the Wayne Family for his failure and sought out revenge against them. At some point, Elliot was the one responsible for the surgery that separated Mr. Hammer and Sickle, who were hired by the Joker to perform the surgery on, in exchange for the finances that would fund his later surgeries. After he succeeded in stealing Wayne's funds, Hush waited for Batman while he held Lucius at gunpoint. It's likely that the funds were returned to Wayne before the Knightfall Protocol. Game Information This lead him to unjustly decide to ruin Bruce's life just like his father ruined his own by saving his mother's life. Thomas Elliot 2) Scarecrow should team up with Hush to troll Batman. After the deaths of Bruce's parents, Thomas grew jealous of his old friend getting his fortune ahead of him. He is similar to the Penguin, as they both hate Bruce Wayne for things that were never caused by him. Even though Hush didn't appear in the Asylum itself, you could find his name on a timetable on the second floor of the Surgery Room at the Medical Facility as you rescue Dr. Adrian Chen. 220 lbs (100 kg) After he gave Elliot a medical cream that was made from the remnants of Clayface from underneath Arkham City, Todd revealed that this would heal his scars completely by the time their plans were put into effect. In BmInput.ini, add the following line of code: Shocked at the realization that Bruce was Batman, Elliot became very unstable and in a split second, attempted to kill Bruce, only to be countered and smashed through Bruce's desk by Batman after Lucius scarred Elliot's new face with a glass vase, which served as poetic justice for the killer. When the Riddler attacked the church to take hostages, Hush woke up and escaped into Arkham City. Then the quest has a great ending with the defeat of Hush. Elliot enacted the plan that he formed with the Knight, used the mask that made him look identical to Bruce Wayne, and infiltrated Wayne Tower undetected. He disguised himself as the villain known as Hush, with his face covered in bandages, and plotted to finally take his revenge against Wayne. Hush disguised as Bruce Wayne at Wayne Tower. Despite that, the player still couldn't take Hush over to the GCPD Lockup, despite the risk of investigation made irrelevant. To prepare for surgery, Hush began stealing painkillers from the Medical Center and stockpiling them in his hideout. 4) Black Mask should be featured more prominently. Batman: Arkham Knight [edit | edit source] Remaining behind during Scarecrow's attack, Hush infiltrated Wayne Tower, gaining access to Lucius Fox's office on the top floor. Robin: Flip a Coin is a major DLC story expansion for Batman: Arkham Knight. This will launch a command-prompt style log window alongside the main Arkkham Knight program. Batman: Arkham Knight - The Perfect Crime Victim Locations and Guide. Batman: Arkham Asylum - The Road to Arkham, Batman: Arkham Knight Comic Book Characters, Batman: Arkham Unhinged comic book characters, https://arkhamcity.fandom.com/wiki/Hush?oldid=90205, Great Physical Strength, augmented by the drive of revenge. Elliot attempted to murder his parents at a young age, and blames Thomas Wayne for ruining his life by saving his mother. In a safehouse, Hush was patched up and given a sample of Clayface mud that would heal his surgery scars on the promise that he wouldn't reveal his new face again until the plan was ready. Around winter after Arkham City opened, Hush decided the time to implement his plan had come; he tracked down three men who had facial features similar to Bruce Wayne and removed their faces, leaving their heads bandaged up, earning him the name Identity Thief in the newspaper. Elliot never inherited his family's money when Thomas Wayne saved his mother. Also, in Bane's Underground HQ, there was a newspaper on the floor with the topic "The Identity Thief Strikes Again". Tommy and Bruce enjoyed playing games of strategy, with Tommy always seeming to outmaneuver his otherwise brilliant friend.However, while Bruce enjoyed his parents' company, Tommy hated his father, wh… After saving a GCPD officer from one of the Militia's vehicles, the officer asks what he's doing. The Arkham Knight, who'd been following Hush, saved him from Ratcatcher and both of them escaped before Batman showed up. Hearing the news about Bruce in his sleep, Hush was annoyed. Adam was unable to get Hush to let go of the container, leaving him worried as to what was in it. Elliot returned during the events that unfolded in Gotham as Batman fought Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight. Another doctor, Adam Hamasaki, informed Batman that the patient was a doctor and amazing surgeon who transferred to Arkham City from Arkham Asylum. He set out to kill three more people (the other three he had murdered before his transfer t… Batman tried to reason with Elliot, and reminded him that the Waynes' had stood by him after the car crash that killed his father. Following the trail, Batman eventually located an Arkham City inmate who revealed he'd been paid off by Bruce Wayne to dump the body and clean up the area. Serial Killer (Former Surgeon) In his civilian identity he is a brilliant and wealthy neurosurgeon, his devious and manipulative tactics making him an extremely formidable opponent. Also, in Bane's Underground HQ, there was a newspaper on the floor with the topic "The Identity Thief Strikes Again". This was only the case if the player managed to complete the mission before they defeated Scarecrow. We both did. Although Hush didn't appear, Dr. Elliot's night shifts appeared on a duty roster that hung on the wall in the Surgery Room. While Adam believed that Elliot had simply lost his sanity, the truth was far more insidious. When Batman entered Hush's Hideout (in Park Row by the Solomon Wayne Courthouse and below Catwoman's Apartment), he learned that Elliot had created a face that looked exactly like Bruce Wayne's (minus the surgery scars) and even managed to change his prints and voice to that of Bruce's. Kevin Conroy. Kevin Conroy Created by: Though Hush's subplot was nicely handled in Arkham Knight, most agreed that it was too short. Bruce's father, Thomas, was happy to see the children bond, and felt that Bruce had finally found a friend that he could relate to. your own Pins on Pinterest Thomas Elliot is a vengeful sociopath who developed an unbridled hatred towards the Waynes, namely his former best friend, Bruce, whom he grew to resent due to him obtaining his family fortune through inheritance. Batman took off his cowl in front of his childhood friend and told him: "Take your best shot Tommy". Elliot was found by Adam while he laughed in a corner and held onto a crate, which lead Adam to believe that the gifted surgeon had lost his grip on sanity due to the hellish nature of Arkham City. With the rest of the prep work done, Hush implement the final step: cutting off his own face to replace it. While Elliot was unaware that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same, he realized that taking down the playboy's business empire would aid the Knight in his schemes and operations that targeted Gotham, while he would get everything that he ever wanted in his own plans and lust for vengeance; Bruce's entire fortune, his place as Gotham's most powerful and wealthiest individual, and his former childhood friend dead. It likely held the stolen faces of his victims. His skills only grew as he got older, becoming a gifted surgeon. In the Arkham Games, Hush was never referred to by his comic-book name and was instead called the Identity Thief. ", That incarnation of Hush removed his victim's faces to graft a new one of his own, rather than used plastic surgery. Shitty one button QTE and cutscene in AK After Batman heard Adam's account of what happened to Elliot, the radio next to him broadcasted a story that concerned Bruce Wayne's arrest and incarceration in Arkham City. Arkham Knight (Arkhamverse) Abilities: That could have been a reference to Elliot's green necklace, which once belonged to his mother. When his plan failed partly due to the surgical skills of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, Elliot blamed Bruce. Although they noticed the stitches, the inmates appeared to dismiss that as the wounds that Wayne had suffered fighting off his various adversaries. Batman: Arkham Knight will pit the Dark Knight against many of his most famous villains including Harley Quinn and Two-Face. https://batman.fandom.com/wiki/Hush_(Arkhamverse)?oldid=228514, ( unused ) you always had a dark side Bruce we both did. So after another play through of Arkham Knight I was once again disappointed by the Hush side mission. Arkham Knight After he failed to gain access to a computer due to security protocols that he hadn't foreseen, Elliot took Fox hostage, and used his retina to access the Wayne Enterprises mainframe. Hush then inadvertently admitted to deliberately causing the crash and let out his resentment at Bruce Wayne for getting his fortune handed to him. Apr 15, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Scott Turner. However, each Arkham game usually includes a … As it turns out, Hush's new face was part of a plan that had taken the Arkham Knight years to put into action. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After a tragic accident claimed his father, Thomas developed a pathological hatred for the Waynes. Reddish-Brown; Dyed Black Full Name Despite this, subtitles referred to him solely as Hush. Driven by a desire for revenge against Bruce and his inheritance, Elliot spent decades developing an elaborate scheme to ruin his former friend's life and satisfy his lust for vengeance and wealth. Hush remained behind during Scarecrow's attack, infiltrated Wayne Tower, and gained access to Lucius Fox's Office on the top floor. When Batman arrived, Elliot transmitted a message that requested that Batman "join the party", as well as casually threatened that if he did anything stupid, "Wayne Enterprises will be in need of a new CEO." Involved in a gang war between Harley Quinn and The Penguin. Batman: Arkham City (Batman #609) Hush Voice Actor Amusement Mile - Batcave - The Bowery - Church/Medical Center - GCPD Building - Iceberg Lounge - Industrial District - Monarch Theatre - The Museum - Park Row - Poison Ivy's Lair - Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Steel Mill - Subway - TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault - Wayne Manor - Wonder City - Wonder Tower, Ace Chemicals - Arkham Asylum - Arkham City - Batcave - Bleake Island - Clock Tower - Founders' Island - GCPD Building - Miagani Island - Panessa Studios - Wayne Tower - Wayne Manor. Credits and distribution permission. Thomas Elliot Startled, Hush attempted to shoot Batman, but the Dark Knight quickly disarmed him. It’s kind of similar to what they already did but it could have been a big part in the story instead of a side mission imo. Hush appeared early during the events of Arkham City in the Church, which was made into the new medical facility for the prison. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Would you believe good, old-fashioned revenge? All the build-up from Arkham City felt wasted on a ten-minute side mission. To be honest, I don't care if you do. A childhood sociopath, Elliot actually tried to kill his parents so he could inherit their fortune. Elliot continued to work as a successful surgeon, while also still secretly planning his revenge against Bruce Wayne. 6' 3" (1.91 m) Scan the timetable to solve a riddle and unlock his biography. Believing the stress of the job made him snap, Adam sedated Hush and bandaged his head to keep blood-loss from killing him. First Appearance Solve one of the grimmest cases the Dark Knight has ever taken on, with this complete quick to … If there's anybody who has a grudge against Bruce Wayne, it's Hush. The story depicts a mysterious stalker, head wrapped in bandages, called Hush, who seems intent on sabotaging Batman from afar, and utilizes many guest appearances by Batman villains. Biographical Information When Batman listened to Alfred's final Wisdom conversation in the Batcave, he told Bruce that Thomas had called to celebrate a surgery that he had just completed to separate conjoined twins. There was a subtle hint during the mission that the "Bruce Wayne" who emerged at Wayne Enterprises was actually Hush instead of the real Bruce Wayne, as when accessing the phone messages at his office, the player could hear the intended recipients as recorded on the system, while when playing as Batman, the phone messages, due to Joker's influence, came across in a mocking manner. Thomas Elliot and Bruce Wayne were childhood friends, and, unknown to Bruce, dark reflections of each other. Batman removed his mask, revealed his identity to Hush, and dared his former friend to take his best shot. When Batman finally tracked Hush to his hideout, he found a disturbing and heinous makeshift operating chamber where Hush performed his inhuman experiments. However, some of the people he targeted did not have the right parts he needed, either being not the right size or malformed. In time, Batman uncovered a third victim who matched the same characteristics as the previous victims. Hush, formally known as Dr. Thomas Elliot, was born into a wealthy family and was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, but, unlike Bruce, despised his parents due to his father's abusive nature and his mother's inability to control his father's temper towards him. WARNING -CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILERS!! Batman #609 (January 2003). - Arkham Knight. Thomas was a sociopath even in his childhood, and tried to kill his parents to that he could gain their fortune. To get rid of the third body, he instructed a thug to use bleach to remove evidence. Hair The container that Elliot held onto within the cathedral most likely held the faces of his most recent victims. Batman: Hush is a 2002-2003 comic book story arc that was published in the Batman monthly series. Hush, AKA Thomas Elliot, is one of the main antagonists in the video game Batman: Arkham Forever. It's never explained why Hush never attempted to create another "accident" to kill his mother when he was a child. Driven by independence and wealth, Elliot cut the brakes of his parents' car, which killed his father and severely injured his mother, who only survived due to the surgical skills of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father. Eyes It was revealed that Hush had surgically altered his face and fingerprints to look like Bruce Wayne by using his victim's faces and prints in his quest for vengeance. The Knight brutally murdered Ratcatcher and his army of rats by burning them all to a literal crisp with a military-grade taser. When Arkham Asylum was opened again, Elliot started working there as a doctor. He revealed the location and Batman headed out to investigate. Elliot likely continued to work as a doctor at Arkham Asylum until his transfer to Arkham City. Hush ended up escaping, with Batman commenting he would track him down the next night. Height The story depicts a mysterious stalker, head wrapped in bandages, called Hush, who seems intent on sabotaging Batman from afar, and utilizes many guest appearances by Batman villains. His name may not be as widely-recognized as other Bat-villains, but Hush is an early favorite to don the Arkham Knight mask. He also took up residence in an apartment next to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Elliot escaping Arkham City impersonating Bruce Wayne. Doctor Adam Hasakani found Hush laughing in a corner, holding his container. This led Oracle to speculate that Batman himself may have been behind the crimes, and proposed that he may have been drugged by Hugo Strange or Scarecrow. Thomas Elliot, was born with a rich family and was a childhood friend to Bruce Wayne, but, unlike Bruce, despised his parents due to his father's abusive nature and his mother's inability to control her husband's temper towards Elliot. To accomplish this, Thomas sought out a medical degree, becoming exceptionally skilled in the field. This attractive design is formally known as Batman Arkham Knight Hoodie. Jeph LoebJim LeeScott Williams He was created by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee.A former friend of Batman, the character serves as a criminal foil personality to him. Weight Before he could actually do anything, Batman entered. While on his mission to discover the truth behind Protocol 10, Batman eventually pursued Hush while the killer murdered several more victims and removed their faces, using several complex forensic methods to cover his tracks. Even in childhood, Elliot was cunning but his murderous, sociopathic desires proved deep-rooted enough to plan his parents death and stage it as an accident. To Hush's surprise, some of the patients turned out to be Political Prisoners; three of whom had the remaining facial features he needed to complete his copy of Bruce Wayne's face. He hid their bodies until he could dispose of them in the gang war chaos. If the "Friend in Need" Most Wanted Mission was completed after Batman defeated Scarecrow, Bruce and Lucius' conversation would be completely different, as Bruce revealed to Lucius that he's retiring from Batman as of that night, as his secret identity had been publicly exposed (which Fox had not been aware of due to not watching the news at the time). Hush ended up in the Medical Center, where Adam tended to him. Batman: Hush is a 2002-2003 comic book story arc that published in the Batman monthly series. After he escorted his associate to his makeshift hideout, Todd begrudged Elliot for revealing his new face too soon and stressed that he must be patient until all the pieces were in place for their plans. As he began to locate his three remaining targets, Elliot began to steal medication from the center and eventually removed his own face, using the stolen antibiotics to ease the immense pain. (Thus Hush confused his hatred for Thomas Wayne with his jealousy, blaming Bruce for everything). Two GCPD officers tried to help Hush, and also believed that he was Wayne, but were overwhelmed by Ratcatcher's rats. Fox assaulted him with a vase, which damaged his face, and Batman then choke slammed him through Fox's desk. Arkham Knight Hush. After Batman rescued all of the doctors and nurses from Joker's Henchmen, Batman found Elliot (although his name was not known at that point) on a gurney, his face covered in bandages, and holding onto a crate. Hush hates Bruce for getting his fortune before him, and Penguin hates Bruce because the Waynes ended up becoming rich off better ideas than the Cobblepots had. Although he did not appear, Thomas Elliot was mentioned by Alfred; he told Bruce that Thomas had called to celebrate a surgery that he just completed. Enable Arkham Knight's log by adding "-log" to Arkham Knight's launch options. Hush is the identity adopted by deranged surgeon and serial killer Thomas Elliot, whose crimes labeled him the Identity Thief. After he knew that he couldn't deliver Hush to the GCPD without putting himself under investigation, Batman instructed Fox to lock the unconscious Elliot in the vault underneath the building, informing him and Alfred that Elliot would be put on trial and brought to justice at a later date, once the night was over. Minor Spoilers. He was intensely proud of his work, describing it as his "Michelangelo's David" and his Mona Lisa. The Bat-tank is the obvious answer so I'll go with the fact that almost every plot thread left dangling in Arkham City was either lacklustre or ruined in Arkham Knight; Hush makes himself known in AC and Batman promises to catch him another day? Contacting Oracle, Batman closed his active case in Arkham City, and opened up a new one for Thomas Elliot, and planned on investigating everything that was related to this former friend of Bruce Wayne and new enemy of Batman once Arkham City was shut-down. When he had enough, Hush stalked his targets and killed them. Over the course of several weeks though, Elliot had stolen various drugs and then cut his own face off. Running Arkham Knight in windowed mode is recommended. After failing to gain access to a computer due to security protocols he hadn't foreseen, Elliot took Fox hostage, using his retina to access the Wayne Enterprises mainframe.

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