In exchange for the difficulty it brings very high sustained damage, very good CC, high Vulnerability, and multiple supportive auras including and . An Update on Mac Support for Guild Wars 2. We offer a variety of playable raid builds in our build section. Passive defense in Guild Wars 2 was basically dead on arrival, because active defense is just plain better. Je joue actuellement Necro. On our homepage you will find information about the guild Lucky Noobs and how to join it as well as countless guides, builds or other useful information that can make your raid life easier. It's such a meme build, but it works. Les builds Snowcrows sont optimisés pour les raids, mais perso je les utilisent un peu partout en PvE (avec quelques modifs par ci, par là ^^). I'm really very very confused as to what you're referring to with that. Adding additonal self heal is just plain better. Renegade has a long ramp up time which makes it better suited for long fights without phases. J'ai trouver le build Minions avec un bâton qui est sympa , mais j'aimerais avoir un build avec + de DPS.Je suis 80 instant on va dire, car j'ai acheter l'extension PoF, et j'ai tout mes points de héros dans la spé Elite Faucheuse. ... As for Traitlines, I follow the same Chaos-Inspiration-Chrono traits that are displayed in the Snowcrows builds for a Support Chrono in Raids. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 01:00. It's good for solo queueing, this build would probably be incredible till the mid plat stage (I've only truly tried it in unranked). Berserker/Power builds and high burst damage is what matters in open world pve content where most enemies don't have high enough HP pools to even let condition builds shine properly. 2. Bonjour, Je reviens sur GW2 après 6 ans d'absence. Informations à propos de Guild Wars 2 sur Mac Neoxaro.3168 Member janvier 12, 2018 Dernière modification : janvier 12, 2018 dans Professions et équilibrage You have decent mobility to get around the map, incredible bunker capability, support, and decent dps to actually win a fight. Overview The condition DPS Renegade build for raids. You can find more useful general tips or boss specific tips in the class guides. Discover all the fractal builds we provide on Discretize to help you play the desired profession to perfection. I play most of the classes, except for Revenant. The builds I recommend will mostly mimic those seen on endgame guides, such as Snowcrows and Discretize, which I hope will help ease players into harder content as their characters progress. A fun revenant build to run around in open world where condition damage and ramp up has little to no place in. All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective owners. ... Also almost all boon builds on snowcrows are there with the intent of keeping 100% uptime no matter what. Soloing open world champions. Après, franchement, la méta, c'est bien pour le contenu HL, mais tu peux faire sans si ton objectif reste de faire de l'open world Je suis a la recherche d'un build DPS/Survie. This build has a difficult rotation which requires lots of practice to perform well with. And from my experience, condi mirage is the easiest spec to solo champions. If this build can be played right, you can do a lot. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.